Six Foot Seven Films

Maxidoodles: Behind The Makeup


Written And Directed By
Bronston Jones

Produced By
Roberts Jones
Bronston Jones
Edward Sion
Mary Jo Smith

Matt Winston
Jim Rash
Mary Jo Smith

Dan Kinsella
Edward Sion
Amy Smallman
Emily Christine

Cinematography By
Patrick Loungway

Music By
Dave Dore

Edward Sion

Cast (In Order Of Appearance)

Slapsy Doodle
Agency Prod
The PA

Mean Girl
Wheelchair Kid
Quiet Kid
Happy Kid
Girl In Glasses
Boy In Blue
Stage Mom
Nice Mom

Food Server
Tree Op



Jim Rash
Mary Jo Smith
Edward Sion
Matt Winston

Dan Kinsella
Emily Christine
Finessa Pineda
Jamen Nanthakumar
Brian Kary
Sarah Hall
Steven Jones
Amy Smallman
Carolyn Sion

Chris Walsh
Michael Cerminara
Robert Cymbal
Joseph Ortiz
Bronston Jones
Jeff Drake
Wendy Molyneux


Asst Dir
Asst Cam
Best Boy
Key Grip
Best Boy

Prod Mixer
Mark Fulinara
Video Asst
Tree Design
Art Dir
Art Dept

Lead Makeup
Prod Sup
Script Sup
Set Teacher

Set Medic

Key Set PA
Prod Assoc

Kids Casting
Color Timing
Co3 Producer

On-Line Conform
Managing Dir G.C.P.
Add'l Finishing
Audio Mix

Brad Arnold
Matthew Blea
David Besdesky
Miles Watanabe
Scott Froschauer
Ray Yau
Pat Quab
Sean Neelon
Neal Spritz
Stephen Daniels
Mark Fulinara
Jason Bittinger
Christian Graham
Dan Yates
Chris Davis
Christian Washburn
Steve Clark
Kate Hill
Alyson Abraham
Jessica Sherman
Kelly Lauterbach
Jasmine Kostraba
Mitch Monzon
Jeni Bobitt
Phil Wellington
Barbara Gannen
Robert Cymbal
Joseph Ortiz
Alex Saaverdra
Bridget Gonzales
Adrineh Gregorian
Katherine Hall
John Lavery
Beatriz Moreno
Matt Roseman
Brent Washington
Jason Yap
Mary Jo Smith
Digital Dogs
PJ Marsiglia
Kim Graville
Jimmy Tom
Jim Harmon
Peter Heady
Tim Spitzer
Jerry Wade
Efren Herrera


Maxidoodles Jingle
Words & Melody by Bronston Jones
Arranged & Performed by Dave Dore
Add'l Performace by Michael “Smidi” Smith


Stage & Lights Provided by
Quixote Studios

Cameras Provided by
Camtec Motion Picture Cameras

Video Playback Provided by
Awesome Playback

Telecine & Color Timing by
Company 3

HD On-Line Finishing by
Goldcrest Post Production

Dolly by
Trucking by

Filmed on
Processing by
Insurance by

Catering By

J.L. Fisher
Galpin Studio Rentals
U-Haul, Hollywood
Eastman Kodak Film
Media Distributors
Fotokem, Inc.
Tom C. Pickard & Co.
Dewitt Stern Of Cali.
Jennie Cooks



Special Thanks To
Screen Actors Guild
Quixote Studios
Camtec Motion Picture Cameras
Awesome Playback
Company 3
Thom Fennessey
Nick Quested
Goldcrest Post Production
Crossroads Films
Moving Parts
NBC Agency

Very Special Thanks To
Everyone Who Donated
Time And Resources,
Especially The Cast, The Crew
And Their Families Too

Speaking Of Which
Eternal Gratitude To
Kristen Kurczak


The Characters And Events Portrayed In This Film Are Fictitious. Any Similarity To Actual Persons, Living Or Dead, Is Purely Coincidental… And Kinda Pathetic.

©2005, Six Foot Seven Films, Inc.



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